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We feature unparalleled desserts, smoothies, juices, salads, raw delights, and cooked foods, beautifully balancing decadence and environmentally conscious dining. Our menu is 100% vegan, almost exclusively organic, and all of our food ingredients are hand-crafted in house.

We feature a completely unique line of signature cocktails and elixirs, all of which are carefully prepared each day to insure maximum freshness and health benefits. Our line of vegan, raw desserts is designed to melt the heart of even the staunchest “butter and flour” pastry chef; everyone loves them!

The worker co-owners at Au Paon invite you to stop by as soon as possible to have your perception of vegan possibilities completely upturned.

Au Paon

is a worker owned and operated, vegan restaurant & bar located in Portland, Oregon.

our co-op

There’s more under the surface at Au Paon than an amazing vegan dessert bar – we are a worker-owned and operated cooperative. This means that everyone employed at Au Paon is eligible to become a co-owner. We are collectively responsible for running the business democratically for the benefit of all. We are proud to be joining the ranks of other Portland businesses who have embraced this model such as People’s Food Co-op, Alberta Cooperative Grocery, Equal Exchange, the Red & Black Café, and Stumptown Printers.

As long time workers in the food industry, we hope to establish Au Paon as a beacon of hope in an otherwise bleak landscape of jobs and working conditions. We stand in solidarity with all restaurant workers in Portland who are organizing for better treatment and a democratic voice in the workplace.

consider Joining us

as a co-owner at au paon?

Here’s what being a Member-Owner can mean for you:

  • The business will be cooperatively owned and operated. This means that everyone who works at Au Paon is a co-manager in the business; we are all responsible for effectively and democratically operating the business on a day to day basis. Our intention is to create a profitable business, through which dividends may be paid out to the co-owners as available. In this way, all co-owners at Au Paon directly receive profits as a personal return.

  • You will be working with other people who are invested in a cooperative business, and who seek personal fulfillment through dedication to the success of this business, and through craftsmanship as food service workers.

  • We are working toward having 5-10 days paid vacation after one year of ownership, which can also be used as paid sick days.

  • We plan to pay ourselves $12 per hour, plus tips. It’s important that all workers be paid a living wage, including within the food industry.

  • It will be expected that we pay our own health insurance, based on the new national health care laws. However, we plan to trade services with natural health-care providers so that we can all receive a monthly acupuncture or massage treatment, as a supplement to basic health insurance. We will also purchase a health care plan that Au Paon will supplement once finances allow, forecasted to happen after one year of business.

  • Once the business is running smoothly and profitably, and has paid off the majority of its debt, we will explore options of expansion or funding other “sister” co-op businesses. This will be an opportunity to expand on particular aspects of Au Paon, or to help build something entirely new.

  • We are currently working on a dividend structure that would help new members become owners more quickly by offering dividends before the full buy-in is completed, as long as the dividends are used to complete the buy-in payment. Once buy-in is completed with liquid capital and sweat equity, dividends will be paid out to the member-owner.

Here are the responsibilities associated with becoming a Member-Owner:

  • Au Paon is operating as a start-up LLC. We are currently in the market for a retail space located in the central eastside of Portland. By becoming a co-owner, you’ll take part in the collective management in the selection, build out, and maintenance of a retail space. This may also entail your signature on a commercial lease agreement for the retail space.

  • Most commercial lease agreements are for terms of 5-year increments, as such we are seeking out individuals for co-ownership status who can commit to working at the business for a minimum of 4-5 years.

  • We are currently seeking persons who are interested in becoming Co-owners of the business. Being on the Co-owner track at Au Paon means that a new member will contribute a personal buy-in of $5,370.00 to the business capital fund, which will be used to cover capital costs of opening the business. This amount could be paid in a single installment, or on a payment plan. The personal buy-in may also be matched by sweat equity labor. [The current members are planning on contributing $3,000 each, and meeting the remainder of the buy-in with sweat equity. At this point in the development of the business, there will be plenty of time to build up that amount (~300 hours) of sweat equity.]

  • We will be working at least 4-5 shifts per week (between the hours of 8am and 1am) totaling about 35 hours per week. In addition, we will be performing at least 3 hours of collective management work each week. This labor will be recorded as ‘sweat equity,’ which will be reflected in the dividends paid out from the business profits.

  • You are at least 21 years of age to work at Au Paon, in accordance with state liquor control regulations.

Here’s what we’re looking for in a new Co-Owner:

  • A high degree of knowledge and proficiency in identifying, preparing, and serving vegan food and beverages. Professional bartending, barista, kitchen, and serving experience within the vegan food industry is strongly preferred, but not a necessity.

  • A commitment to working collaboratively.

  • Being able to work collaboratively in a potentially stressful environment.

  • Have strong interpersonal communication skills, and participate constructively in collective management meetings and structure.

  • Two references from your most recent employment in food production, restaurant, and/or retail sales. The references do not need to be employers, they can be individuals whom you have worked with in any capacity.

  • Have or acquire an Oregon Food Handler Permit, as well as an OLCC Server License.

  • Be at least 21 years of age, in accordance with state liquor control regulations.

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Funding Opportunities

We're looking for people who want to support us financially too!

We would love help funding large equipment purchases and build-out of a new space! Please email us using the contact form below, or if you'd simply like to donate click below

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